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Former American: Expatriation is a Beautiful Thing

It finally happened. Not the way I ever expected it to, or perfectly like I had planned, but it's happened. I've been given the green light for expatriation. 

People might become expatriates from their home nation for a number of different reasons. Whether that's because they disagree with their respective governments and policies, or they are just in general seeking a different culture that fits better with their personality, people come and go all the time. 

If it's one thing Americans need to get through their thick skulls, it's that their beloved country is no different.

That's one of the many reasons I left. Americans and their arrogant "better than everyone else's" attitudes were getting choking. Plus I just do not like the American way, I disagree with America's policies, among many, many other things. 

To me, becoming an ex-American (it'll be official soon, I'll be renouncing my US citizenship in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico in at most 3 months from now) is about being complete and being free. I never felt truly free as a US citizen, or living in the US.

Though my new temporary home country (I'll probably leave after completing flight school) still has its problems, it's a more tolerable place to live, and a few key inequalities that bugged me about the US are non-existent here, so it's an all-around better deal. 

People leave the US all the time, and citizenship renunciations are on the rise. I'm not the only one, and trust me I'm not alone. I embrace this new life journey with open arms, and for once in my life, I feel truly free. 


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