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Ex-Rep. Allen West: Obama Administration ‘Infiltrated’ By Muslim Brotherhood

An ex-Florida politician is saying that the Muslim Brotherhood has "infiltrated" President Barack Obama's administration.

Former Rep. Allen West made that claim in a statement he posted on his Facebook page.

"We do have Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups and individuals infiltrated into this current Obama administration," West wrote. "This is serious."

He added: “In 2009 President Obama traveled to Egypt and delivered a very conciliatory speech at the University of Cairo. Not much later events termed the ‘Arab Spring’ compelled President Obama to advocate for the deposing of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Many warned of the rise of the ‘granddaddy of Islamic terrorism,’ the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt as the only viable and organized political entity. We were castigated as alarmists and Islamophobes. The Muslim Brotherhood even lied about running a candidate for president. We are now witnessing the result of our blindness.”

West has made claims about the Muslim Brotherhood in the past, The Huffington Post reported. In 2012, he said that "we should not allow the Muslim Brotherhood-associated groups to be influencing our national security strategy," with regard to the FBI’s decision to get rid of training materials that were deemed culturally insensitive.

Sources: The Huffington Post, Facebook


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