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Ex-Navy SEAL Pretends To 'Choke Out' President Obama In Web Video

Chris Heben, a former U.S. Navy SEAL, posted a bizarre video back in December of 2014 of himself pretending to "choke out" President Obama.

Heben, the founder of SEAL Team Consulting, first made news in March of 2014 when he claimed to have been shot by three black suspects outside a shopping center in Bath Township, Ohio.

However, Bath Township Police Chief Mike McNeely told News Net 5 in September of 2014 that there was "overwhelming evidence" that the shooting had not taken place outside the shopping center and that Heben made false allegations.

Now, Talking Points Memo reports that Heben posted a video (below) on Dec. 10, 2014, in which he pretends to "choke out" Mike Lemire, general manager of SEAL Team Consulting, who was wearing an Obama mask.

The choking drama was an intro to his Internet show, "Real Talk with Chris Heben."

According to, Heben and Lemire then slammed the U.S. Senate's report on CIA torture, which was based on CIA notes and cables during the Bush administration.

Heben and Lemire defended the CIA's torture methods, which resulted in the death of one innocent man and the torture of many others, noted New York Magazine.

Vinny Maculaitis, who works at SEAL Team Consulting, told Talking Points Memo that the "Obama choke out" video was the creation of a "funny guy." Maculaitis added that Heben would "be vindicated shortly."

Sources:, Talking Points Memo, News Net 5, New York Magazine / Image Credit: SEAL Team Consulting Screenshot


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