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Ex-Intelligence Agent Russell Tice Says U.S. 'Not Telling Truth' About Surveillance (Video)

Former U.S. Air Force intelligence Agent Russell Tice told MSNBC on Friday that the U.S. government is not "telling the truth" about its surveillance programs, which are far more reaching than the government has admitted so far (video below).

Tice said the present director of the NSA and former director of the NSA are "basically not telling the truth about what's going on... The situation is much worse than what we know."

“For instance, the NSA, today, is collecting everything, including content, of every digital communication in this country, both computer and phone, and that information is being stored indefinitely. And that’s something that they’re lying about and that facility out in Utah in online right now,” claimed Tice.

“You’ve got to understand, the FISA court is being used as a screen to be able to use information that ultimately they can use to throw at somebody in a court of law with a grand jury,” Tice added.

Tice claims that the secret FISA court justifies the U.S. government collecting information on Americans, and then the U.S. government uses that same information against Americans in future criminal cases.



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