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Ex-Gov. Mocks Hillary’s Sex Life At Trump Rally (Video)

Former Republican Gov. John Sununu of New Hampshire mocked the sex life of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during a rally for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump in Atkinson, New Hampshire, on Nov. 4 (video below).

While warming up the crowd, Sununu said, "Do you think Bill [Clinton] was referring Hillary when he said, 'I did not have sex with that woman?'" notes Mediaite.

When Sununu mentioned Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, some Trump supporters shouted: "Pocahontas!" and mock ed her Native American heritage with a stereotypical chant: "Woo Woo Woo!"

Later the crowd chanted: "Lock her up! Lock her up," which Sununu chuckled at.

Sununu was suddenly offended when a Trump voter yelled, "Execute her!"

"No, you don't need that kind of stuff," he lectured the crowd.

In 2012, Sununu praised Clinton during an interview with The New York Times Magazine in which he attacked President Barack Obama:

The president is trying to take credit for following the strategy and the tactics put into place by George W. Bush. At some point the president is going to have to explain why he was timid on the first two or three opportunities that we had. Thank goodness Hillary Clinton was there was to convince him to do the right thing.

During a rally on Nov. 4 in Wilmington, Ohio, Trump slammed the "dishonest media," which brought a round of angry boos. One rally goer insulted NBC News reporter by saying, "Katy Tur is a whore!" reports Mediaite.

Tur tweeted in response: "wait, what?"

She also tweeted: "Lovely woman in front of the press pen turns around and yells 'I love you!' as the crowd boos the press in Wilmington, OH."

Attack On NBC News Reporter Katy Tur:

Sources: The New York Times Magazine, Mediaite (2) / Photo Credit: WMUR/YouTube

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