Ex-Con Former Missouri St. Sen. Jeff Smith Talks Prison Sex

We've all seen prison movies: apparently inmates go around raping each other on a daily basis. Well, a former lawmaker from Missouri who spent time behind bars is opening up about sex in prison.

Former State Sen. Jeff Smith pleaded guilty in 2009 to violating election laws and was sentenced to a year in prison, spending his time in a federal facility in Kentucky.

The Atlantic Wire reports that writing on The Recovering Politician blog, Smith said he never actually witnessed a rape, but he wrote that thoughts of sex were a constant in prison:

As you might imagine, things can get pretty nasty when several hundred guys are confined in a small area without the benefit of female interaction, other than a pair of (arguably) female prison administrators. Outside muscle-building substances, pornography was perhaps the most prized possession on the compound.

Smith is reportedly writing a book about his time in politics and prison, which often go hand in hand these days.


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