Ex-CIA Director James Woolsey Jr. Says Obama 'Scared' To Call Terrorists Islamic

In an interview with CNN’s Don Lemon on Thursday, former CIA director, James Woolsey Jr., said Obama “looks scared” to refer to terrorists as Islamic.

“The President is sort of a world champion of political correctness, and I think that he’s let it really run too far here. It might be different if he was taking a stern position in the Middle East and [other places] that are causing huge problems,” Woolsey told Lemon when asked if Obama was too politically correct, as reported by the Washington Times

When asked by Lemon “Does it affect the strategy? The president said that we have to address the root causes of radicalism — poverty, the lack of education and so on.” Woolsey responded:

“You need to address the root causes as well, under these circumstances, as let people know that you can fight. And you have to fight effectively — and he’s not doing that. […] Basically, he looks scared. He looks as if he’s afraid of using the adjective ‘Islamic’ to describe the terrorists. And that doesn’t mean that all terrorists are Muslims, and it doesn’t mean that all Muslims are terrorists. That’s nuts. If you can’t do that, you look like you’re scared,” according to the Washington Times.

During a speech at the White House's summit on violent extremism yesterday, Obama explained why he does not mention Islam when discussing ISIS terrorists, Obama said:

"These terrorists are desperate for legitimacy and all of us have a responsibility to refute the notion that groups like ISIL somehow represent Islam. Because that is a falsehood that embraces the terrorists' narrative," as reported by Insider Fox News.

On Friday, Press secretary Josh Earnest responded to the suggestion that Obama is “scared:”

 “I don't think that the countless terrorists that have been wiped off the battlefield as a result of military action that this president has ordered feel that the president is particularly fearful,” according to the Daily Mail.

Sources: Washington Times, Insider Fox News, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: WikiCommons


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