Ex-CIA Agent: Castro Knew JFK Would be Assassinated

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Retired CIA officer Brian Latell claims to have proof that Cuban dictator Fidel Castro knew that President John F Kennedy was going to be assassinated.

Latell, who studied Cuban affairs as a CIA analyst in the 1960s, says in his book 'Castro’s Secrets – the CIA and Cuba’s Intelligence Machine' that on the morning of November 22, 1963, Castro ordered a senior intelligence officer in Havana to stop listening for non-specific CIA radio communications and to concentrate on “any little detail, any small detail from Texas.”

Latell also claims that Castro was aware that Lee Harvey Oswald, who had been denied a visa to visit Cuba at the embassy in Mexico City, told staff there he was going to murder Kennedy to prove his communist allegiance: “Fidel knew of Oswald’s intentions and did nothing to deter the act."

Now a senior lecturer on Cuba at the University of Miami, Latell said he discovered the information in interviews with Cuban former intelligence officers, backed up by declassified US government documents.

Latell told The Miami Herald: “I don’t say Fidel Castro ordered the assassination, I don’t say Oswald was under his control. He might have been, but I don’t argue that, because I was unable to find any evidence for that."

“[But] everything I write is backed up by documents and on-the-record sources … Did Fidel want Kennedy dead? Yes. He feared Kennedy. And he knew Kennedy was gunning for him. In Fidel’s mind, he was probably acting in self-defense.”


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