Ex-Cheerleading Coach Writes About Anthony Weiner's Racy Texts

Former cheerleading coach Traci Nobles of Athens, GA, is publishing her cyber-exchanges with former Congressman Anthony Weiner in the e-book 'I Friended You,' which becomes available Saturday.

She claims that he texted her from his Washington D.C office.

One of the texts reads: "It's a big office, and you know that's not the only thing here that's big." Weiner also brags about masturbating, going into the bathroom to clean up and then heading out to the House floor.

Weiner also took shots at his Congressional successor, former Jerry Springer show producer Bob Turner, and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg: Turner was "just another rich businessman trying to buy himself an election ... like Bloomberg."

Weiner and his pregnant wife Huma Abedin have kept a low profile over the months as they struggled to keep their marriage together. Abedin is an advisor to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Nobles, who willingly engaged with Weiner in texting, said she was contacted by the ex-Congressman immediately after his press conference.

"I couldn't help but question his sincerity and/or his regret," she posted on Facebook. "I also couldn't help but to ask the question, 'What about me?'"

Well, what about you, Traci? Seems like you're the kind of person willing to publicize private messages to earn a buck. 


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