Evidence that Anthony Weiner Sent Crotch Shot?


There is reported new evidence that Rep. Anthony Weiner may have sent that crotch shot on Twitter.

The Rupert Murdoch-owned, iPad-only newspaper The Daily reports that the post appears to have been made using the same software program as other messages Weiner sent the same night. The report claims the picture was sent using "TweetDeck," a popular Adobe desktop application that links up with social networking sites.

The Daily Mail reports that the New York Congressman is known to use TweetDeck.

The Daily said that a non-profit website called TweetCongress.org archives the Twitter feeds of every member of Congress. It said that on the night in question, all of Weiner's tweets were posted from TweetDeck.

Weiner insists his account was hacked, but security sources told The Daily that this TweetDeck revelation makes that seem unlikely. They say if this had been the work of a hacker, the tweets might have come from a different program.

Those same sources say, however, that a potential hacker also could have used TweetDeck, purposely mimicking Weiner's online moves, so this "evidence" is far from conclusive.

While Weiner said he did not send the photo, he could not say for sure that the photo is not him.


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