Etch A Sketch Unveils New Obama Portrait for Black History Month

BRYAN, Ohio --- The Ohio Art Company, creators of Etch A Sketch, have unveiled a new sketch of President Barack Obama in celebration of Black History Month. Created to honor the country's first African American commander in chief, the work was sketched by artist George Vlosich III and features Obama's face alongside the presidential seal, the American flag and Abraham Lincoln in the background.

Known for his talent producing masterpieces on the Etch A Sketch, Vlosich created the work of art in advance of the presidential inauguration and upon completion, accepted the invitation for it to be displayed at D.C.'s MANIFEST HOPE event.

The brainchild of street artist and creator of the Barack Obama HOPE poster, Shepard Fairey's MANIFEST HOPE event showcased a diverse array of the nation's most talented artists whose work celebrated President Barack Obama.

"We've had the honor of working with George since he was 11 years old - not long after he drew his first masterpiece featuring the U.S. Capitol Building on his mother's old Etch A Sketch from the 1960s," says Martin Killgallon, Senior VP of Sales and Product Development, The Ohio Art Company. "We are thrilled that George has chosen the Etch A Sketch on which to display his amazing portrait of our country's new president as we commemorate Black History Month," he adds.

"I've always acknowledged that art is a God-given talent," says Vlosich. "I am so proud to be able to use my talent to honor Black History Month and celebrate the country's first African American president," he adds.

A virtual gallery featuring photos of Vlosich's creations along with images of his Barack Obama sketch which took approximately 100 hours to create can be found on his website, www.gvetchedintime.com. Visitors to the site can also view a video of Vlosich creating a sketch of Barack Obama that is currently available in celebration of Black History Month.



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