Eric Holder Reaffirms DEA Will Stop Raids on Medical Marijuana

In a press briefing with reporters on Wednesday, Attorney General Eric Holder reaffirmed his commitment to ending the arrest and prosecution of medical marijuana clubs. The incoming Obama administration had pledged a more supportive stance towards medical marijuana, but shortly after President Obama's inauguration the DEA carried out several high profile raids on dispensaries in California.

"The policy is to go after those people who violate both federal and state law, to the extent that people do that and try to use medical marijuana laws as a shield for activity that is not designed to comport with what the intention was of the state law," said Holder when asked if the DEA plans to continue raids. "Those are the organizations, the people, that we will target. And that is consistent with what the president said during the campaign."

Ever since California legalized medical marijuana 13 years ago state police and federal officials have struggled to determine if and when state law takes precedence over federal law, which outlaws marijuana distributed for medical purposes. Holder's statement seems to indicate the DEA will no longer raid medical marijuana clubs in state's where such drugs are legal.

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