In Epic Campaign Ad, Minneapolis Mayor Hopeful Jeff Wagner Pledges He Won't "Go To The Strip Clubs Anymore"


In a field of 37 candidates running for mayor of Minneapolis, how does the little guy get noticed? By making a video naked except for skin-tight, soaking wet skivvies, and promising not to go to strip clubs. Anymore.

That’s the campaign strategy adopted by Jeffrey Alan Wagner, a candidate representing Minnesota’s popular Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, running to replace outgoing incumbent  R.T. Rybak in the city’s Nov. 5 election.

In a YouTube campaign video that could only be described as epic -- though actually, it could also be described as low-budget -- Wagner emerges from the waters of a small lake, carrying a coffee cup and wearing only boxer-style underwear or swim trunks.

He then decries the influence of big money on local politics, saying that over a million dollars will be spent to win the mayor’s position, which he says in the video is a $100,000 job.

“I’m cool with making $100,000 a year!” Wagner then declares, shouting into the camera. He follows with a series of promises. “I will not take money from the developers. I will not take money from the political angle. I will not even go to the strip clubs anymore.”

Given his attire, or lack of it, in the video, it is unclear whether Wagner is promising not to go to strip clubs as a spectator or if he is swearing off stripping himself.

Finally, he implores the ctizens of Minneapolis to “wake the f**k up!”

At that point a young woman hands Wagner back his coffee cup and he calmly walks back into the lake.

Not much information about Wagner appears to available. He has a “Jeffrey Alan Wagner For Mayor” Facebook page (photo at right is his profile shot). But the page had only two posts as of Friday morning. The latest is a link to the campaign video.

The first is a video depicting Wagner discussing “renters rights,” with the declaration, “Time for someone to protect the citizens of Minneapolis not corporations!”

The page had garnered just 11 "likes" as of Friday afternoon.

The web site displays what looks like a mug shot of a person identified as "Jeffrey Wagner." The photo strongly resembles the Jeff Wagner on the aforementioned Facebook page and in the campaign ad, though there is no independent confirmation that it is the same man. Information on the site says that the man in the photo was arrested on "driving while intoxicated" charges in Hennepin County, MN on Sept. 14, 2009.

Watch Wagner’s campaign video below.

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