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Pregnant Woman Fired for "Negative Energy" of Fetus

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    Original: reported July 1: 

A NE home builder that encourages employees to follow New Age philosophies has been sued by a former employee who says the CEO of HearthStone Homes fired her because her fetus brought "negative energy" into the workplace.

Jammie Harms' case takes employment discrimination law in a novel direction by alleging her boss's "negative religious response" to her pregnancy created a hostile work environment. HearthStone CEO John J. Smith allegedly fired her as his executive assistant in June 2009 - 3 months after she told him she was pregnant....

Smith, a disciple of "intuitive spirituality," believes, among other things, that employees can become more productive by having "negative energy" cleansed from their bodies. His company has certainly been productive, claiming to build 1 out of every 4 homes in Omaha.

But according to Harms, he became fixated on the energy emanating from her womb, even discussing her pregnancy with a psychic and a chiropractor. "Once the plaintiff notified the Defendant of her pregnancy her work environment drastically changed," she alleges in a complaint filed June 14....

In 2003, a former HearthStone sales associate sued the company for firing him because he complained about having to attend mind-body therapy sessions to cleanse his negative energy. But a jury awarded Doyle Ollis only $1....

A HearthStone VP told the Omaha World-Herald that Harms was let go because of the recession....

But a recent article in Builder magazine noted that HearthStone "hasn't gotten bogged down in the national [economic] turmoil."...

Harms... is seeking back pay and damages for "emotional pain, suffering, and physical injury."...

I ran into the same trouble as the J-Walk blog finding any photos of Smith. J-Walk decided Smith "probably has some kind of aura around his head."

Here's more on Smith's complaints, according to

Harms claims that in March 2009, after she told Smith that she was pregnant, he warned her to be cautious, and said he had been traumatized while in his mother's womb when she had a sexual affair with another man.

Harms claims her boss told her, "Babies can remember things in the womb."...

Harms claims that in the morning of April 16, 2009, she was called into a meeting with Smith and two managers to discuss her "disconnect" with her unborn child.

One manager described the fetus as "two magnets on opposite ends repelling one another," and the other called her pregnancy a "miss," she says.

Later that afternoon, Harms says, Smith consulted a psychic because Harms had cut her hair short and gained 15 to 20 pounds while pregnant. She says Smith was concerned there was "negative energy" being created because Harms had a male boss instead of a female boss.

Harms claims that about a week later, Smith called a chiropractor and "self-described energy worker" in order to hash out his "mother issues and how [Harms'] pregnancy was bringing up very negative energy relating to his own experience" in the womb.

Smith told the "energy worker" that he believed Harms' baby had a "negative agenda," Harms says.

She claims that the "energy worker" told Smith that the baby had a past life with him and then asked him to "partner with the baby."

Harms says that Smith replied that "his whole system said no to being partners" with the fetus and that the baby's "energy 'is hostile' towards him."

Harms says that Smith traveled throughout May, then fired her when he returned in early June, when she was 5 months pregnant....

I was curious to know what "partnering" meant. According to, "energy work" can be "supplement[ed]" by "partnering with spirit guides."

I wonder what Smith's opinion of abortion is. I'm guessing he would have supported Harms had she made that "choice." But what about the bad karma aborted babies bring? What self-serving craziness exists around us.


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