Embracing Fear through the practice of yoga


FEAR can be one of the most harmful forces in our lives. When I ask myself what holds me back from many things in my life the answer has always been FEAR. 

Fear of failure, Fear of hurting (something I am working on) Fear of looking stupid or foolish, Fear of being judged or hurt (this is a hard one for me) fear of the unknown (another major one). Fear of feeling uncomfortable (yes another one) The most important one is the fear of being my true self!

As I begin to list all my fears I realize that it is only ME creating them. I am choosing to be hurt, uncomfortable or judged. I am choosing to feel rejected or untrue to myself. This feeling of rejection no one can give me except myself. It is how I choose to react to someone's words, anger or rejection. So why do I let this happen to me? What force or energy takes over and pushes me into this negative mode or thinking? This threat has the power to reduce me to pieces. 

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" This is  true and logical but very hard to put into practice.

By the time I pick up the pieces of myself and begin to put myself back again with love, compassion or simply just Living, Laughing and Breathing I seem to face another challenge of a different FEAR. No one experience or fear is the same.... I am learning in small steps to face my fears starting with the insignificant ones. I  always hear people saying " Don't let others rule you or Embrace your gifts"

The yoga mat is the place where I learn to embrace fear. The various asanas or flows are what gently nudges me into welcoming this emotion into my life.

I now say "Embrace FEAR or Accept FEAR" Fear and Love are both very much a part of me. I choose love thus it has a stronger role in my life. If I learn to live with fear then I have no need to run from it.. If I accept it and give it less importance, it wont be hard to face it when it appears at my doorstep... 

Love can cripple as much as fear and yet we are ready to love again and face those happy, sad or painful moments so why cant we do the same with FEAR.

I remember the fear I had before teaching my first yoga class. I was scared and unsure to the point where I was ready to walk out the room. Instead of walking out that door I stayed and taught my class.

Nervousness set in the first few minutes and it showed but after taking a few deep breaths I began to direct my focus away from my fears and onto the class. They became important to me and not my fear.  I began to feel alive and taught the class from my heart.  My class was greatly received and appreciated.

So the next time I begin to see  FEAR I will learn to befriend it, acknowledge it and accept it. I want the feeling of aliveness to fill me every time  I am faced with this force.


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