Embarrassing Video: CNN, Fox News Get Supreme Court’s Obamacare Ruling Wrong

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CNN, Fox News and MSNBC are in a never-ending battle for ratings – we all know this. So it stands to reason that each network would try to one-up the other in their quest to deliver Thursday’s morning’s Supreme Court ruling on the constitutionality of Obamacare.

But what happens when, in the race to break news first, you end up getting that news completely and totally wrong? Two out of the three aforementioned networks found out the answer to that the hard way today.

Check out what CNN and Fox News had on their screens during those tense few seconds when everyone was reading through the Supreme Court’s decision:

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(via Daily Mail)

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(via Daily Mail)

The screengrabs are cringeworthy, but certainly not as cringeworthy as this footage:

Fox News has a very dedicated and loyal fanbase – so it’s unlikely that this gaffe will hurt them too badly. Their viewers aren’t going anywhere.

CNN, however? That’s a whole different story.

The self-proclaimed most trusted name in news has watched its viewership numbers drop for a while now and, mistakes like the huge one that was made this morning, don’t exactly enhance credibility. This probably won't kill CNN, but only because it's hard to kill something that's dying a slow death anyway.

(Kudos Daily Mail)


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