Elizabeth Edwards Made Secret Video to Haunt John from Grave


Elizabeth Edwards may be dead, but she could play a role in sending her husband to prison. A published report said she secretly recorded a videotape in the days before she died, outlining what she knew about John Edwards' affair.

Friends told the National Enquirer that Elizabeth wanted to "haunt" Edwards from the grave.

"Elizabeth wanted to exact final revenge against John for destroying their 33-year marriage and their family by cheating with Rielle," one of the friends said. "It was Elizabeth’s idea to secretly record a video and tell what she knew of the affair and John’s horrific betrayal."

Edwards is accused of using nearly $1 million in campaign funds to cover-up his affair and love child with former staffer Rielle Hunter. His lawyers argue that the money was a gift from friends, given to him specifically to help him hide the relationship.

A legal expert who is not involved in the case said the tape could be damaging to John Edwards' case.

"The value of a potential dying declaration, or tape, containing the testimony of Elizabeth Edwards, is devastating to any case or defense that Edwards would have," Bruce Baron told the Enquirer. "Remember, this is a wife of many years, who would basically be stating what had happened. The veracity of it would be devastating."

Elizabeth reportedly made the tape in her death bed, and then passed it to a close friend whom she told to send it to prosecutors.

"On the secret video, Elizabeth spells out everything she knew about John’s affair with Rielle and how he managed to cover it up for so long," a source said. "She also spills all of John’s lies – many of which could be what sends him up the river."

Elizabeth died in December after a long battle with breast cancer.

"Elizabeth wanted to haunt John and Rielle – literally from her grave – and she has," the source said. "She hated them with a vengeance. This was a woman who took her final breath in the same bed where John once had sex with his mistress."

If convicted, Edwards could be sentenced to up to 30 years in prison, but he would likely get far fewer than that.


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