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Elizabeth Edwards’ Cancer Spreads to Liver

Estranged wife of former Presidential candidate John Edwards has announced that her cancer has spread.

It’s a devastating blow to Elizabeth Edwards, 61, who has been battling breast cancer since 2004. In 2007 the cancer spread to her bones, and now it has spread to her liver. Elizabeth’s doctors have since advised her to discontinue her cancer treatments, which may possibly mean there are no more options for Elizabeth Edwards in her fight against cancer.

Chemotherapy may not be in the cards for Elizabeth, who may be too weak to sustain the toll chemo would take on her body.

Ira Byock, director of palliative medicine at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (not connected with the Elizabeth Edwards case) describes the situation: “There are lots of chemotherapies and late-stage treatments. But people have to be strong enough to benefit from them. If a person is just weak from the ravages of an illness, it makes no sense to put them through those invasive procedures.” Edwards “may well live longer by conserving her energy and celebrating her very full and remarkable life.”

Elizabeth’s estranged husband, John Edwards, had an affair with a campaign employee, Rielle Hunter, in 2006, which he denied publicly until 2008. He also fathered a child with Hunter.

A very sad turn of events for Elizabeth Edwards. Cancer just sucks. We wish her the best.


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