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Eliot Spitzer Out of a Job, Leaving Current TV

Eliot Spitzer has found himself, yet again, without a job. The former New York governor and television host announced Sunday that he will no longer work for Current TV.

According to NYTimes, Al Jazeera announced it was acquiring Current TV and plans to turn the channel into something that resembles Al Jezeera English. 

Spitzer is not regretful about the position, saying he had a "wonderful time" at Current. His relationship was originally with Al Gore and Joel Hyatt, the co-founders of current, but he had no ties with Al Jazeera. 

He believes they will move toward a different mission, likely towards international newscasts and away from liberal discussion about the news.

"Viewpoint," the 8 p.m. centerpiece of the channel's prime-time schedule, will have a new host starting Monday.

A spokeswoman for the channel said that Spitzer "has chosen to step back from hosting 'Viewpoint.' Until further notice the show will be hosted by John Fugelsang."

This is not the first position Spitzer resigned from. In 2011, Spitzer's CNN show was canceled, and before that, Spitzer resigned as the governor of New York after a scandal was made public about his liaisons with prostitutes. 

Since the scandal, he has been trying to fix his reputation as a political figure by being involved in philanthropy, teaching, writing regularly for Slate, and making television appearances. 

He has not announced what he will do next, but many believe he will pursue his political ambitions. 

"I love and always have loved policy issues and trying to have an impact on the issues that are out there," he said. "I cherish my years in government. I have loved my participation at CNN, at Current; writing; teaching. Where I will go next, I will have to sort out."

Spitzer said it was mostly his own choose to leave, and said it was not because of controversy surrounding Al Jazeera.

"I view Al Jazeera as a very serious journalistic outfit," he said. "They have proven to observers around the world that they are serious and objective."


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