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Lawyer Announces Edward Snowden In Talks To Return To U.S.


A lawyer for Edward Snowden, the former contractor for a U.S. spy agency who leaked details of the country’s surveillance program, said on Tuesday that he was working with American and German lawyers to bring Snowden home.

Anatoly Kucherena revealed during a news conference for a book he wrote about Snowden that the infamous whistleblower wants to return to the States after being granted asylum in Moscow in 2013.

“I won't keep it secret that he... wants to return back home. And we are doing everything possible now to solve this issue,” Kucherena said. “There is a group of U.S. lawyers, there is also a group of German lawyers and I'm dealing with it on the Russian side.”

Snowden, who was reportedly granted a three-year residence in Russia last year, has said in the past that he would consider returning home if he was guaranteed a fair trial. The U.S. government has made attempts since Snowden left to get the him to stand trial for leaking National Security Agency secrets, though Russia has “refused to extradite him,” according to the Huffington Post.

Source: Huffington Post / Photo Credit:, WikiCommons


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