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Ed Markey Take Double Digit Lead in Massachusetts Special Election

A recent poll by the Boston Globe found that Democratic Congressman Ed Markey holds a 13-point lead over Gabriel Gomez, a Republican businessman and former Navy Seal. According to the Boston Globe, Markey rakes in a 54 percent approval rating while Gomez trails at 41 percent. Only 4 percent indicated they were undecided.

However, Gomez still rates as far more likeable to most residents and holds the lead among unenrolled voters. Yet with eight days until the election, Gomez will need a larger margin to sway independents and allow a Republican to win in a Democratic state.

The Massachusetts special election is set to fill Senator John Kerry’s old seat while he serves as Secretary of State. This is also the same seat that Republican Senator Scott Brown won in 2010 against Martha Coakley in a surprising last minute sweep.

However, this time around, Scott Brown has not been keen to help his fellow Republican assume the second Massachusetts Senate seat. After losing to Democratic Harvard professor, Elizabeth Warren, last year, Brown has provided only minimal assistance to Gomez’s campaign.

Unlike the last special election in Massachusetts, there has been relatively little coverage and excitement. This might, in part, be because of Gomez’s lack of naked Cosmopolitan center spreads that livened up Brown’s campaign. Neither candidate has really sparked public interest with only 34 percent reporting they knew much about Markey and only 13 percent reporting they knew much about Gomez. Markey is garnering more votes but not much more enthusiasm. 30 percent of those who reported they would vote for the congressman also professed to not knowing much about him.

Unless something happens in the next eight days, it looks like a lukewarm win for Markey. However, as past experiences show, a lot can happen in eight days.

Sources: Boston Globe, Politico


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