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Barron Trump Refuses To Hold Mom's Hand During Parade (Video)

A video clip from President Donald Trump's inauguration showing his 10-year-old son, Barron, refusing to hold his mother's hand has gone viral (video below).

The video was taken during Trump's inaugural parade on Jan. 20. As the president walks down the street holding wife Melania's hand, Barron can be seen pulling his own hand away as his mother attempts to grab hold of it.

The 18-second video was uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 20 and has since been viewed more than 730,000 times.

Other images from the inauguration show Barron yawning while his father is being sworn in as president, according to The Sun. He was also seen yawning during Trump's victory speech on election night.

Recently, "Saturday Night Live" writer Katie Rich was suspended indefinitely from the sketch comedy program after making what she later called an "offensive" joke about Barron on Twitter.

"Barron will be this country's first homeschool shooter," Rich tweeted, according to The New York Times.

Rich deleted the tweet and deactivated her account after receiving backlash from fellow Twitter users. She later reactivated her account and posted an apology.

"I sincerely apologize for the insensitive tweet," she wrote on Jan. 23. "I deeply regret my actions & offensive words. It was inexcusable & I'm so sorry."

On Jan. 24, the White House published a statement asking that Barron's privacy be respected.

"It is a longstanding tradition that the children of Presidents are afforded the opportunity to grow up outside of the political spotlight," the statement said, according to Variety. "The White House fully expects this tradition to continue. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter."

The statement echoes a tweet from Chelsea Clinton, who wrote on Jan. 22 that Barron "deserves the chance every child does -- to be a kid."

Sources: Trending Now/YouTube, The Sun, The New York Times, Variety / Photo credit: The Guardian via Critical Perspectives on Citizen Media

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