Where Was Sasha During Obama's Farewell Address?

Millions who watched President Barack Obama's farewell speech in Chicago on the night of Jan. 10 couldn't help but notice that someone was missing.

First Lady Michelle Obama and the couple's eldest daughter, Malia, were there, but notably absent was their 15-year-old daughter, Sasha.

The White House soon explained that Sasha was back home in Washington, D.C., where she had an exam the following morning, reports The Boston Globe.

The president’s speech included a touching tribute to his daughters. “Malia and Sasha, under the strangest of circumstances, you have become two amazing young women, smart and beautiful, but more importantly, kind and thoughtful and full of passion,” he spoke. “You wore the burden of years in the spotlight so easily. Of all that I’ve done in my life, I’m most proud to be your dad.”

Sasha, 15, attends Sidwell Friends, a private school in the nation’s capital. According to the school’s website, ‘‘students must adhere to the published examination schedule. Absence for travel is not an adequate reason to re-schedule an exam,’’ The Globe reports.

Commenters on Twitter were amazed that the school’s rules apply even if you’re the daughter of the president of the United States, reports The Washington Post.

One internet user responded, “Maybe but um her Dad is giving his last speech as leader of the free world… I would think her teachers would understand?”

Another humorously pointed out: “Sasha Obama just nullified every plausible absence from class you were thinking of using this semester.”

A third observed something similar: “If Sasha Obama really missed this because of an exam in the morning, there are no more excuses for anything, ever.”

Another joked: “Sasha Obama couldn't make it because she's at home planning her 2040 campaign.”

At the close of his speech, Malia and Michelle joined him onstage, holding hands and waving at the audience, conjuring memories of Barack’s victory rally in Chicago when elected for his first term eight years earlier.

As for Sasha’s education, the president previously confirmed that he and Michelle will continue living in Washington, D.C., until she finishes high school. 

Sources: The Boston Globe, The Washington Post / Photo credit: VSB

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