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Clip Shows Melania Frowning At Husband's Inauguration (Video)

A short video clip from President Donald Trump's inauguration ceremony showing Melania Trump smiling at her husband only to scowl as he looks away has many people speculating about their relationship (video below).

In the eight-second clip, Melania can be seen grinning as Donald talks to her over his shoulder. In the background, North Carolina Rev. Franklin Graham is in the middle of his speech.

"It is my prayer that God will bless you, your family, your administration, and may he bless America," Graham is saying, according to the New York Daily News.

Four seconds into the clip, as the president turns back around to face the crowd, Melania's looks down and her smile abruptly turns into a look of discomfort.

While some claimed that the short clip had been manipulated with editing software, a longer version of the same video proved that it had not been altered.

Soon after the clip emerged, #FreeMelania began trending on social media. "It really feels like he is holding her hostage," one person tweeted, according to the New York Daily News.

Body language experts are now weighing in on the issue, with some speculating that Trump has no affection for his wife.

"If you didn't know that they were married, you wouldn't know that they are married," Susan Constantine told Mic, referring to another clip that shows Donald exiting his car and ascending the White House steps to greet the Obamas rather than wait for his wife.

Patti Wood gave a similar analysis.

"Not only did he not wait, he went up the stairs and greeted the Obamas," she said. "He didn't even look back to see if she was there or help her up the stairs."

"He does not, as she comes to his side, hold her, greet her, bring her in close," Wood continued. "He does a quick glance as if she was anybody and he doesn't touch her."

Wood also commented on the couple's body language during their dance at the inaugural ball, where Melania appeared to be leaning away from her husband.

"That typically says, 'I don't want to merge with you as a partner,'" Wood explained, adding that Donald is "pulling her in sexually" while they dance.

"Melania is an object to him," Constantine told Mic. "I don't see any warmth or true love and compassion in that relationship whatsoever."

Sources: New York Daily News, YouTubeMic / Photo credit: Sgt. Gabriela Garcia via Wikimedia Commons

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