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Drop Illegal Immigrants Out of Plane, Says Christian Radio Host (Audio)

TruNews Christian radio host Rick Wiles recently suggested that undocumented immigrants should be thrown out of cargo planes while wearing parachutes.

During his "End Times" program yesterday, Wiles interviewed Center for Immigration Studies policy director Jessica Vaughan, who recently released a report accusing the Obama administration of releasing 36,007 undocumented immigrants with a total of 88,000 convictions.

Much of what Vaughan claims in her report has been brought into question by The Daily Beast, but she nonethless kept criticizing the White House during her interview with Wiles (audio below).

“There’s a time in between which they serve their sentence for the crime, the other crime that they committed, and our actually putting them on a plane or a bus or wherever to go back to their home country,” stated Vaughan, notes “And that’s a gap that can be dealt with through policy. This is not something that we have no control over.”

According to, Wiles responded by stating, “Hey, you put ‘em on a C-130 cargo plane and strap a parachute to ‘em and you fly over the home country and you push ‘em out the door. It’s solved.”

Vaughan laughed and said, "Some people have suggested that."

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