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Protesters Form Human Chain On Golden Gate Bridge


During the many marches across the country to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump and advocate for women's rights as human rights, one of the most notable and powerful displays was a human chain formed across the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

About 2,200 people joined together to make their voices heard about Trump and his presidency by joining hands to make a gigantic human chain, Mashable reports.

The group who conceived the Golden Gate Bridge protest explained the thought behind their unique demonstration on its website: "Wearing purple, we will form the first human chain across the entire Golden Gate Bridge (and beyond), as a collaborative, grassroots, community-based demonstration and performance art piece. We will prove that #LoveTrumpsHate and we are #StrongerTogether."

More than one million people gathered around the world to protest Trump -- with the march in Washington, D.C. drawing a reported crowd of 500,000 people.

"We just want to make sure that we’re heard," protester Mona Osuchukwu told The Washington Post of herself and her 3-year-old daughter. "I want her to know that she has a voice. No matter what anyone tells her, especially as a black woman in America."

Other protesters explained their reasons behind joining the march, mainly having to do with Trump's reportedly divisive and controversial rhetoric during the campaign trail and transition period. Much of it has to do with his attitude towards women, which was worsened by audio tapes from 2005 that feature Trump alluding to the sexual assault of women.

"I don’t want this to happen to them 20 years from now, so I am making my mark now," 61-year-old Jamaican American Cynthia English told The Washington Post. "Why are we the ones that bring people into this world, and we are treated the worst? We should be treated with respect."

Protestors across the country and world marched in cities that include New York, Austin, Los Angeles, Boston, Paris, Melbourne and more. 

Sources: Mashable, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Katie Godowski/Marinscope

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