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Dr. Regina Benjamin is a Great Choice for Surgeon General

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The power of social media was sure felt yesterday when the White House announced that President Obama named Dr. Regina Benjamin as our next Surgeon General. Facebook, Twitter
and emails from all the major news sources came flooding in almost
instantaneous. From this tweet from @doctoranonymous, to the many others online, it was clear that people felt very positive about this announcement.

had hoped we’d have a Surgeon General that was a primary care physician
and that is just what we have with Dr. Benjamin. The core of health
care reform is the family on the patient side and the primary care
physician on the professional side. One a primary care physician really
gets the issues involved for both groups so this was a wise choice by
the White House…actually, the likely only choice if health care reform
is to be successful in a meaningful way for all.

being a family physician, being a woman will be a strong asset for Dr.
Benjamin because of the unique skills being a woman will give her in
managing the health care crisis, and as a role model for our young
daughters who need to see more smart, career-focused, creative women in
leadership positions in our country. We still have too much gender
inequality for such a civilized country. The more women who are in
leadership positions today, the better off our daughter’s paths will be
in the future.

So, yesterday’s announcement was welcome music to my ears in a multitude of ways.

we have to sit back, see if Dr. Benjamin gets confirmed, and see if the
White House and Federal Government can actually let her have the
freedom to do the job that needs to get done.


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