Tea Party and GOP favorite Dr. Ben Carson recently compared the U.S. government to Nazi Germany.

“I mean, very much like Nazi Germany, and I know you’re not supposed to say Nazi Germany, but I don’t care about political correctness, you know, you had a government using its tools to intimidate the population," Carson told Breitbart.com on Monday.

“We now live in a society where people are afraid to say what they actually believe,” added Carson. “And it’s because of the P.C. police, it’s because of politicians, it’s because of news, all of these things are combining to stifle people’s conversation.”

However, Carson failed to provide any specific proof of how the U.S. government is behaving like Nazi Germany.

He echoed the same theme while speaking on the Family Research Council’s "Washington Watch" radio show on Tuesday (audio below).

Carson claimed that “people everywhere from politicians down to the lowliest person in our society" are "terrified" of speaking their minds, noted RightWingWatch.org.

Carson also said the “P.C. police” are using “Alinskyite-type rules” to stop people's freedom of speech but again failed to give any evidence.

Sources: RightWingWatch.org and Breitbart.com


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