Dr. Ben Carson Attacks Media for Reporting His Comparison of Obamacare to Slavery (Video)

Last week at the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C., conservative favorite Dr. Ben Carson compared Obamacare to slavery.

According to RightWing Watch.org and a video (below) of his speech, Dr. Carson states, "Obamacare, is really, I think, the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery. And it is slavery in a way because it is making all of us subservient to the government."

However, in an op-ed written for The Washington Times on Tuesday. Dr. Carson wrote that he never made the comparison and blamed the "PC police" who he says are on a "mission of distraction."

Dr. Carson writes:

The PC police immediately went to work with their mission of distraction by trying to tell everyone that I was equating Obamacare with slavery, which of course I was not, but it makes for a good headline.

He then claimed the accurate reporting of his Obamacare-slavery statement was actually an effort to supposedly "silence" him:

This is certainly not the first time they have used this tactic to discredit and attempt to silence me. Unfortunately for them, it is not going to work, and they will say, Carson has such a big ego that he thinks he is important enough that we would waste our time focusing on him.

Oddly, Dr. Carson never specifically identifies who "they," "them," or anyone who is supposedly trying to "silence" him.  Later in his article, he lectures on how the "honest media" would behave:

Honest media try to provide objective information that the people can use to make informed decisions, but prudent individuals really should not count on the media and must learn to study issues for themselves.

Dr. Carson also took another shot at Obamacare:

The implementation of Obamacare places the health — and, ultimately, the lives — of the people in the hands of the government. Over the course of time, such a relationship places the government at the top of the power pyramid, thus putting “the people” in a very dependent position.

However, Obamacare doesn't place anyone's health in the hands of the government. Private insurance companies will still provide medical coverage to private doctors and hospitals who will provide care for patients.

Obamacare doesn't actually provide medical care, but rather rules by which insurance companies have to abide by.

Sources: The Washington Times and RightWing Watch.org


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