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Double Standard? In 1994, Nobody Was Offended By A George H.W. Bush Rodeo Mask

By now, you’ve probably heard of the infamous Missouri State Fair Obama rodeo clown.

In case you haven’t, here’s what you missed: at last week’s Missouri State fair, a rodeo clown came into the arena sporting an Obama mask. The arena announcer asked the crowd “Who wants to see Obama run down by a bull?” The crowd cheered loudly, and the announcer proceeded to rile the crowd into a frenzy.

After the rodeo, many complained about the mask, saying it was in poor taste. The State Fair apologized, saying they failed to maintain the family-friendly atmosphere that they strive for. The NAACP has called for the Department of Justice and the Secret Service to investigate the event.

But on Tuesday, Washington Examiner writer Charlie Spiering uncovered a 1994 story from the Philadelphia Inquirer which suggests that we may be seeing a double standard with all of this Obama rodeo clown outrage.

The Inquirer story covers a rodeo featuring a dummy with a George H.W. Bush mask. After chasing the rodeo clown around, the bull set its sights on the Bush-faced dummy. The bull charged at the dummy and sent the mask flying across the arena. No one complained about the mask, and until Tuesday the story was buried in the annals of unrecognized journalism. It’s not hard to see the double standard here.

People say and do things that are critical of politicians all the time. Every criticism of the president doesn’t warrant a Department of Justice investigation, nor should it. 

Sources: Inquisitr, Washington Examiner


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