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Trump's Team Is Out For Revenge: Against Republicans

Sources indicate that an early priority of President-elect Donald Trump's inner circle is to exact revenge on Republicans who had refused to support his campaign.

Now that Trump has won the election, several of his former critics are reportedly asking for jobs in his upcoming administration, according to Politico.

"My phone is ringing off the hook with people who were on the outs asking how they can get into Trump world," a Trump campaign operative told Politico. "I’m telling them there is no fu**** way they’re getting inside."

Trump's team is prepared to compromise with certain Republicans who opposed him in the primaries, and even some who criticized him during the general election. But his most vehement critics -- for example, those with ties to the #NeverTrump movement -- appear to be out of luck.

"It’s one thing not to have been for him or to have had a disagreement, but if you went out of your way to be an asshole, then we’re not going to helpful," a source close to Trump told Politico.

Conversely, Trump spokesperson Jason Miller denied that any such retribution was being organized, and furthermore charged Politico with deliberately stirring the pot.

"None of this is true," Miller said, adding that the media was "making up stories to fit their agenda."

Another source within the Trump campaign agreed, telling Politico that the president-elect has no plans to punish his former detractors.

"[T]here is not and never will be a blacklist," the source said. "Trump is focused on talent like any CEO. The swamp games won't apply in his administration."

Expressing a very different sentiment was Trump surrogate Omarosa Manigault, who spoke to reporters at Trump's election night party in New York City.

Responding to comments made by Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina about his refusal to vote for Trump, Manigault indicated that the Trump campaign has no plans to forgive and forget.

If [Graham] felt his interests was with that candidate, God bless him," she told the Independent Journal Review. "I would never judge anybody for exercising their right to and the freedom to choose who they want. But let me just tell you, Mr. Trump has a long memory and we’re keeping a list."

Sources: Politico, Independent Journal Review / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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