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Donald Trump on Women Voters: "Maybe They Don’t Get What is Going On”

While GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney tries to curry favor with female voters, his surrogate Donald Trump may have just pushed more female votes to President Obama.

The billionaire recently took aim at women and African-American voters during an interview with

“[Obama's] somebody who will say some very nasty things. He is a person that is not the nice person that some people think, and his popularity rating, while high, I think if people knew the facts, the rating would actually be extremely low. Maybe [women] don’t know him. Maybe they don’t get what is going on.”

Trump said African-Americans should be angry as well, not because of what Biden said but because Obama has failed them in his four years as president.

Referring to the high unemployment rate among blacks, which he suggested was actually double the government figure of nearly 14.1 percent, Trump said: “How can somebody, if you are African-American, how you can vote for the man? He's let you down. He has really let you down.”


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