Donald Trump: 'Women Don't Like Hillary' (Video)


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told supporters in Hilton Head, South Carolina, on Dec. 30 that women do not like Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton (video below).

The billionaire reality TV star lamented that Clinton had been hitting him hard with the "women card" lately, reports Politico.

"She's not going to win," Trump stated. "And by the way, I love the concept, I love, love, love having a woman president. It can’t be her. She’s horrible. She’s horrible.”

Some of Trump's supporters called out his daughter Ivanka's name, and he added, "But I’ll tell you who doesn’t like Hillary, are women. Women don’t like Hillary. I see it all the time."

A CNN/ORC poll on Dec. 23 found that Democratic women favor Clinton 53 percent to 23 percent over Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont who is running for president as a Democrat.

Clinton leads Sanders with registered Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents at 50 percent to 34 percent.

Clinton also edged out Trump 49 percent to 47 percent in a scenario that had them against one another in a general election.

Sources: Politico, CNN / Photo credit: Screenshot

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