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Donald Trump Wants $10 Million For Charity To Appear In CNN's GOP Debate

Donald Trump wants $10 million to be given to charity by CNN in exchange for his appearance at the Republican presidential debate on Sept. 16.

According to Variety, Trump told TIME (behind a paywall):

Here’s my question: So if I go to CNN and I say, "Look, you’re going to have a massive audience," and if I say to them, "I want $10 million for charity, nothing for myself," what happens? I’m not showing up, right?

Trump added that the $10 million could be split into $1 million  contributions to 10 separate charities.

The first GOP debate pulled in 24 million viewers on Fox News and set a ratings record for a non-sports cable program, notes Variety.

Earlier this week, Trump made headlines when he insisted that he would use the offensive term "anchor baby" when referring to babies born to undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

NBC News reports that activists are planning to protest Trump's speech tonight at the University of South Alabama's football stadium in Mobile, Alabama.

Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama joined Trump on stage tonight (video below).

Sources: Variety, TIME, NBC News / Photo Credit: Michael Vadon/Wikimedia


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