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Viewers React To Barron Trump's Face At Inauguration

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The swearing-in speech and first lady's attire weren't the only thing viewers were paying attention to at President Donald Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20. Some online commenters point out that Trump's youngest son, Barron Trump, 10, appeared to be yawning with boredom during the ceremony. 

Barron's body language in the inauguration photos shows disinterest, some claim. His shoulders are slumped and he's looking off into the distance, as if distracted, Us Weekly reports. The youngster previously caused some controversy for yawning during his father's campaign victory speech.

Pictures of the 10-year-old were trending on Twitter, with many pointing out that Barron's reaction was the highlight of the entire ceremony. One user tweeted,"When #Barrontrump yawns I want to laugh!  he makes watching the the #InaugurationDay a little more interesting!"

Another user wrote: "Barron trump yawning at d inauguration....we all feel dat way right now #Inauguration"

"Barron Trump is 10 years old. Of course this inauguration is boring for a kid, let him be! #InaugurationDay God Bless the haters," tweeted another. 

One comedian tweeted: "Barron seems chill. Being bored s***less while your Dad is being sworn in as President is pretty metal."

But not everyone is a fan of Barron's apparent lethargy. "I'm gonna say it. I HATE Barron Trump. He always looks bored, tired, and smug.  At least pretend like you were raised right," commented a twitter user. 

While some called Barron a spoiled brat, others felt pity for him. "I'm praying for you Barron Trump. You look like the most bored, loneliest, sad kid in the world," tweeted another user.

Other users brought up an old rumor that Barron's lethargy may have been a result of autism. 

Barron isn't the only first child to show fatigue during such an important occasion, according to Hollywood Life. In 2013, Sasha Obama, then 11 years old, was also captured yawning during her father's inauguration. 

During Trump's pre-inauguration event, Barron was noticeably missing, reports Us Magazine. The Make America Great Again Concert was held at the Lincoln Memorial on Jan. 19 and was headlined by country singer Toby Keith and rock band 3 Doors Down. 

Barron's absence sparked online speculation. “OK people let's stay focused on the things that matter like where is Barron Trump? Is he OK?” one person on Twitter wrote, while another added: “Why isn't anyone addressing the elephant in the room where is #BarronTrump?” 

Sources: Us MagazineHollywood Life / Photo credit: The Star

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