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Watch: Donald Trump Threatens To Run As Third-Party Candidate Again (Video)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump threatened to run again as an Independent candidate during a town hall in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, on Feb. 15 (video below).

Trump was upset because he got booed during the GOP debate on Feb. 13 by people whom he called "special interests and donors," which the billionaire blamed on the Republican National Committee (RNC), reports ABC News.

"The whole room was made of special interests and donors, which is a disgrace from the RNC," Trump said. "The RNC better get its act together because I signed a pledge, but the pledge isn’t being honored by them. I signed a pledge, the pledge isn't being honored by the RNC because those tickets were all special interest people."

The GOP front-runner signed a RNC pledge in September 2015 to not run as a third-party candidate, which he had threatened to do.

"I signed a pledge, but it’s a double-edged pledge," Trump added. "And as far as I’m concerned, they’re in default on their pledge."

Trump also threatened to sue Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas over his eligibility for the presidency unless Cruz stops telling "lies."

According to The Guardian, the Trump campaign said in a statement: “One of the ways I can fight back is to bring a lawsuit against him relative to the fact that he was born in Canada and therefore cannot be president.”

“I learned so much from Iowa and that somebody could be so dishonest,” Trump said of Cruz's controversial Iowa win.

Sources: ABC News, The Guardian / Photo Credit: The Guardian via YouTube

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