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Donald Trump And Stephen Colbert Talk U.S.-Mexico Border Wall (Video)

Presidential candidate Donald Trump was a guest on "The Late Show" with Stephen Colbert Tuesday evening, Sept. 22. The current Republican presidential front-runner and the talk show host discussed building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, Iran and President Obama’s birth certificate (video below).

The centerpiece of Trump’s presidential campaign has been the issue of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. through the Mexico border. He has touted his immigration platform, which includes mass deportations and rescinding American citizenship to children born on U.S. soil to undocumented parents.

Trump has been adamant about the need to construct a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border that would be near-impossible to penetrate. He was happy to discuss it with Colbert, who quizzed him on a number of issues.

“We have to have a wall,” Trump says in the interview shown below. “We have to have a border. And in that wall we’re going to have a beautiful, big fat door.”

Trump says that he would require the Mexican government to build the wall, claiming that it would only cost $5 billion. He claims that this would cover a portion of what he alleges is Mexico’s $45 billion trade deficit with America.

Colbert role-playes as a leader of Mexico, asking Trump to convince him why he ought to build a wall. The talk show host interjects in jest to suggest that Trump also require Mexico to build “a moat filled with fire and fire-proof crocodiles” on the border.

The two also discussed the Iran deal during their sit down. Trump was critical of the deal, his disapproval resembling the rest of the Republican field.

Colbert then asks Trump about his history of question Obama’s birth certificate, describing the issue as “a big fat meatball.”

“I don’t talk about it anymore," Trump replies.

While Colbert has spent the first weeks of his new television show mocking Trump, he thanked the candidate for the material he provides him.

“I’m not going to say this stuff writes itself but you certainly do deliver it on time everyday," Colbert told Trump.

Sources: CNN, Rolling Stone, USA Today / Photo Credit: Youtube Screenshot


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