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Donald Trump Supporters Weep, Struggle After Iowa Loss (Video)

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump shed tears and consoled themselves on Feb. 1 after the billionaire came in second to Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas in the Iowa caucus (video below).

A campaign volunteer named Laura had tears in her eyes as she told Reuters: "We worked so hard. We're volunteers and we took our time every chance we got to do parades, rallies, phone calls, knock on doors. It's just, when you work so hard, it's just a little disappointing. But we are going to win. We are going to win."

"I'm disappointed," a Trump supporter named Evelyn added. "I really am. But in a way I'm not because we did make a very good showing. And we worked hard, and we know we worked hard. And he was pleased, I think, even with the showing that we did have, and it's on to New Hampshire."

“We’re still going to win, though, right?” Laura asked another volunteer. “We’re still going to win. We’re leading everywhere else.”

According to a poll released by UMass Lowell on Feb. 2, Trump is leading in New Hampshire at 38 percent, Cruz is second at 14 percent and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida is third at 10 percent.

However, 44 percent of Republicans say they may still change their minds -- after nearly a year of watching the candidates -- before the New Hampshire primary on Feb. 9.

Sources: ReutersUMass Lowell / Photo Credit: YouTube

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