Donald Trump Slams Fox News Pundits At Campaign Rally (Video)


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump held a rally at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona, on Dec. 16 where he trashed several Fox News pundits (video below).

"They have these guys like George Will, you fall asleep listening to this guy," Trump said, according to "If he didn’t wear the little spectacles, he wouldn't even be bright, nobody would think of him.”

"I mean, I gotta tell you, [Charles] Krauthammer is terrible," Trump continued. "He is so unfair to me. He is the worst. He is the worst. And I'm not allowed to criticize him, so I'm going to be very nice. Krauthammer, he's terrible, he's terrible."

Trump also trashed Steven Hayes.

"I've never even heard of this guy," he said. "When my name is mentioned it's like he's a boiling [edited out by CNN] crazy."

At the same rally, Trump brought Jamiel Shaw onto the platform who told the audience how his son was "shot dead in the street like a dog by an illegal alien gang-banger, 18th street gang-banger," on March 2, 2008, reports

Shaw went on to say:

Nobody cares. It’s all about illegal aliens, that’s all they care about. They don’t care about us as Americans. Trump wants to make America first, OK, we need that. All of our kids deserve to grow up. This is our time to live on the earth.

Why do we have to be under this oppression from illegal aliens, and they're getting the American dream, and we're getting the American nightmare.

“We’ve got to stand with Trump and you have to trust him the way I do because I believe that he was sent from God," Shaw concluded.

Sources:, / Photo Credit: CNN Screenshot

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