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Donald Trump Says He Carries A Gun 'Sometimes' (Video)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stated during the GOP debate on Oct. 28 that he sometimes carries a gun (video below).

CNBC moderator Carl Quintanilla asked Trump if he would feel more comfortable if his employees brought guns to work, reports

"Yes, I might feel more comfortable," Trump responded. "I would say that I would and I have a permit, which is very unusual in New York, a permit to carry and I do carry on occasion. Sometimes a lot, but I like to be unpredictable so people don’t know exactly when I’m carrying."

Quintanilla jokingly asked the billionaire reality TV star if he was carrying right now.

"By the way, unlike our country, where we’re totally predictable and the enemy, whether it’s ISIS or anybody else, they know exactly what we’re doing because we have the wrong leadership," Trump added.

Trump went on to say that "gun-free zones" are "target practice for the sickos, and for the mentally ill."

Quintanilla told Trump that several of his resorts don't allow guns with or without a permit, and asked him if he would change those policies.

“I would change them, sure, I would change them,” Trump replied.

During another part of the debate, Republican Gov. John Kasich of Ohio slammed Trump and Carson for their "fantasy tax schemes," and added, "Folks, we've got to wake up. We cannot elect somebody that does not know how to do the job,” notes (video below).

Trump fired back by saying Kasich got lucky because of fracking in his state, and claimed that Kasich was a "managing general partner at Lehman Brothers when it went down the tubes."

Trump added that Kasich was "on the board and he was a managing general partner," mocked Kasich's poll numbers and said he got "nasty."

However, Kasich said that he was not on the board of Lehman Brothers, but was a banker.

ABC News reported in 2010 that Kasich was "managing director of the investment banking house's Columbus office."

Sources:,, ABC News / Photo Credit: CNBC Screenshot


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