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Donald Trump Says He 'Predicted Terrorism'

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump claimed he can predict terrorism purely by intuition.

During a Nov. 24 campaign rally in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the business mogul was running down a checklist of his alleged accomplishments when he took credit for predicting the 9/11 terror attack, CBS reports.

“The other thing I predicted was terrorism,” says Trump, according to CBS. “[A] friend of mine called [and said]… ‘you’re the first guy that really predicted terrorism.’”

“Terrorism” is a general way to phrase it, but Trump was referencing his 2000 book, “The American We Deserve,” in which he wrote that America was in danger of being attacked by Osama Bin Laden, CBS reports.

Trump was then joined on the stage by members of his family, who are now taking a more participatory role in his presidential campaign.

“He will be the best president ever,” Trump’s wife, Melania, told the crowd. “We love you.”

Trump also doubled down on his claim he saw thousands of Muslims in New Jersey were “cheering” during the Sept. 11 attacks, telling the Myrtle Beach crowd the “liberal media” was trying to smear him, CBS reports.

“I was taking heat because, you know, the liberal media, they want to guard that,” Trump said, referring to the critics who point out that the Jersey City event never happened, CBS reports. “They [the liberal media] don’t want that out because that’s not good for them.”

Trump has been touting his tough positions on foreign policy since the Nov. 13 Paris terror attacks. He has repeatedly admitted to being open to spying on and shutting down mosques, The New York Times reports.

Trump has also voiced approval of waterboarding, a torture tactic used by the George W. Bush administration and banned after President Barack Obama took office.

“Only a stupid person would say it doesn’t work,” Trump says of the torture method, according to The Washington Post. “Believe me, it works. And you know what? If it doesn’t work, they deserve it anyway, for what they’re doing. It works.”

Sources: CBS News, The New York Times, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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