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Donald Trump Admits That He's Been 'A Little Childish' On The Campaign Trail

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In an interview with CNN, GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump admitted that the things he’s said on the campaign trail have been “childish.”

“[It] probably is a little childish, but you know what? This is a campaign,” he told CNN’s Erin Burnett. “And usually, and I think you know this better than anybody, I’m responding to them. I’m a counter-puncher.”

Most recently, Trump called Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a fellow GOP presidential candidate, a “clown” and commented on his personal finances. He has also frequently called Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush “low energy.”

“You know, I built a great company, and it’s because of my temperament,” Trump said.

“Jeb Bush and Hillary, almost on the same day, they said, ‘We don’t like his tone,'" Trump added. "I said, tone? They’re chopping off heads, they’re drowning people, we have people in the world that are looking to kill us.

"We need a strong tone. We don’t need that soft, soft group of people. We need something tough. I think I have a great temperament.”

Trump also spoke to his plan for cutting taxes and closing loopholes for the rich, which he said was important to do “psychologically.”

“When you have a hedge fund guy who's making $200 million a year and ... he's paying a very low rate of taxes, it's not fair and I think it says a lot,” he said. “I think it tells people a lot and it's got to end." 

Sources: CNN, Washington Times / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons, Gage Skidmore/Flickr


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