Donald Trump Retweets Rising Poll Numbers Tweet After San Bernardino Shooting


While most of the country is mourning the 14 people killed in the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, on Dec. 2, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is retweeting a positive Twitter posting about his future poll numbers.

Trump retweeted on Dec. 3:

"@DLake66675: @ChateauEmissary @trumpettes16 @realDonaldTrump his poll numbers jump every time instances like this occur."

According to The Washington Post, that tweet was in reference to an earlier tweet about the San Bernardino shooting on Dec. 2:

"If @realDonaldTrump says tomorrow 'that's it, no more muslim immigration to america' his poll numbers jump 5-10 points."

The Twitter user whom Trump originally retweeted also posted this on Dec. 2:

"After this shooting, @realDonaldTrump poll numbers will make another surge. Help we need leadership NOW!! #tcot #ISIS #2a #RIP #BREAKING"

Sources: Twitter (2) (3), The Washington Post / Photo credit: Twitter Screenshot

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