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Trump Allegedly Annoyed With Ivanka Over Roy Moore

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President Trump was reportedly annoyed with First Daughter Ivanka Trump over comments she made about Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Several women have accused Moore, 70, of molesting or harassing teenage girls roughly 40 years ago, reported The Associated Press.

In response, Ivanka Trump told reporters that "there's a special place in hell for people who prey on children."

"I've yet to see a valid explanation and I have no reason to doubt the victims' accounts," she added.

Upon hearing her comments, President Trump allegedly vented his irritation, reported The New York Times.

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"Do you believe this?" he asked Oval Office aides.

Moore's Democratic rival, Doug Jones, quickly jumped on the opportunity, televising a new campaign ad featuring Ivanka's comments.

Although President Trump said Moore should quit the race if the allegations prove to be true, the president has long defended the judge.

"I do have to say, 40 years is a long time," Trump said. "He’s run eight races, and this has never come up."

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"He says it didn’t happen," the president added. "You have to listen to him, also."

Trump even continues to support Moore as a candidate.

"The last thing we need in Alabama and the U.S. Senate is a Schumer/Pelosi puppet who is WEAK on Crime, WEAK on the Border, Bad for our Military and our great Vets, Bad for our 2nd Amendment, AND WANTS TO RAISES TAXES TO THE SKY," Trump tweeted of Moore's Democratic rival on Nov. 26. "Jones would be a disaster!"

His comments have shocked many of his fellow Republicans.

"I was surprised, and I think it’s a high-risk move," said Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina.

Many in Trump's own party have withdrawn their support for Moore.

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, even urged Moore to drop out of the race, Daily Mail reported.

"I believe the women," McConnell said.

Sen. Lindsey Graham warned his party that having Moore on the ballot spelled bad news for Republicans no matter the outcome.

"It becomes a story every day about whether or not you believe the women or Roy Moore, should he stay in the Senate, should he be expelled?" Graham said on CNN's "State of the Union." "If you lose, you give the Senate seat to a Democrat at a time where we need all the votes we can get."

"The moral of the story is don't nominate someone like Roy Moore who can actually lose the seat any other Republican could win," he added. "And what I would tell President Trump: if you think winning with Roy Moore is going to be easy for the Republican Party, you're mistaken."

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