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Donald Trump On Kim Davis: Gay Marriage 'Is The Law Of The Land'

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Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said that he understands both sides of the controversy in Rowan County, Kentucky, over marriage licenses, but ultimately believes that the Supreme Court’s decision is the one that stands.

“Well look – the decision came down from the Supreme Court, so I’m a believer in both sides of the picture,” Trump said Friday morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “I would say the simple answer is let her clerks do it. Now, from what I understand, she’s not letting her clerks do it, either.”

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, five of Davis’s six deputy clerks will begin to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples on Sept. 4, although Davis said she will not authorize them to issue licenses while she remains in jail after being held in contempt of court for refusing to sign the licenses based on her religious views.

“The other simple answer is rather than going through this, (because) it’s really a very, very sticky situation, a terrible situation – 30 miles away they have other places, they have many other places where you get licensed, and you have them actually quite nearby,” Trump commented. “That’s another alternative. I hate to see her being put in jail. I understand what they’re doing. It would be certainly nice if she didn’t do it, but other people in her office do it but from what I understand she won’t allow other people in her office to do it.”

Host Joe Scarborough asked Trump whether or not rulings from the Supreme Court make it the law of the land to which Trump replied affirmatively.

“You have to go with it,” Trump said. “The decision’s been made, and that is the law of the land.”

Trump added that the U.S. is a "nation of laws."

"And I was talking about borders and I was talking about other things, but you know, it applies to this, also, and the Supreme Court has ruled," he said. "It would be nice to have other people in her office do what they have to do."

Sources: CNN, Washington Times

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Michael Vadon


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