Speculation Grows Over Ivanka Trump's White House Role


The official role -- or lack thereof -- for Melania Trump may be coming into focus a week before President-elect Donald Trump takes office. While Melania plans to spend at least the remaining school year in Manhattan with son Baron Trump, Donald is already planning on changing the name of the Office of the First Lady to the Office of the First Family.

In December, it was speculated that Ivanka Trump, the president-elect's eldest daughter, would be playing the role off first lady, notes CNN.

"No decisions have been made regarding Ivanka's role," Hope Hicks, a spokeswoman for the Trump transition team, clarified.

"The anti-nepotism law has an exception if you want to work in the West Wing because the President is able to appoint his own staff," said Kellyanne Conway, a senior Trump adviser, over concern about Ivanka's role in the Trump Administration. "So, of course, this came about to stop maybe family members serving on the Cabinet."

Now, a report claims that the president-elect will be changing the name of the office. The move heavily telegraphs Ivanka's potential role.

"She has the potential to be the next Jacqueline Kennedy," said Andy Och, an author who writes about first ladies. "She’s a high fashion icon, a business woman. She's involved with philanthropic and charitable endeavors."

On Jan. 9, the Trump team announced that Jared Kushner, Ivanka's husband and Donald's son-in-law, would be Trump's senior adviser -- a role with substantial influence on the president.

"Jared has been a tremendous asset and trusted adviser throughout the campaign and transition and I am proud to have him in a key leadership role in my administration," Trump wrote in a statement, notes The Washington Post.

In an October interview, Melania addressed speculation about her removed role from her husband's presidential campaign.

"My priorities are with my son, and I want to be a mother first," Melania stated, notes Fox News. "You know, I'm very strong, I'm very confident, and I could handle everything."

Sources: CNN, Fox News, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Ivanka Trump/Instagram

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