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Donald Trump Changes The Name Of Black History Month (Photo)

President Donald Trump has reportedly changed the name of Black History Month.

According to TMZ, Trump, following a meeting with African-American leaders, has announced that Black History Month will now be referred to as African-American History Month.

A senior administration official revealed that the African-American leaders told Trump during the meeting that the term "black" is outdated and that "African American" is a more appropriate term.

The official also said that Trump considered the Smithsonian's addition of the National Museum of African-American History and Culture in making his decision.

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Every other U.S. president since 1976 has declared February as Black History Month.

The White House held an event on Feb. 1, billed as an "African American History Month Listening Session," according to Time magazine.

During the event, Trump gave a speech in honor of African American History Month, in which he lashed out at the media for falsely reporting that he removed a bust of Martin Luther King Jr., which former President Barack Obama had placed in the Oval Office. Trump called the claims "fake news" and said, that "the statue is cherished," according to NPR.

Trump said in his speech that his administration is "going to work very hard on the inner city," saying that Ben Carson, who will lead the Department of Housing and Urban Development, will be doing that "big league."

Sources: TMZTimeNPR / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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