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Donald Trump Jr. Wants To Run For Office

President Donald Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., has reportedly said he would love to follow his father's footsteps into office by running for Governor of New York state.

At a meeting with members of the F6 Labs gun club in Hicksville, New York, Donald Jr. reportedly spoke about his potential political ambitions, according to Page Six. He also reportedly said he didn't have interest in running for Congress or the Senate.

"Don Jr. said he is interested in running for office, such as governor of New York, but the position of mayor of New York would be less interesting to him," a guest at the meeting said, reports Page Six.

"Do I want to be behind the scenes and be a mouthpiece and fight back against the crazy liberal media? Maybe," Donald Jr. reportedly said, and added that campaigning with his father had given him an interest in politics.

"Going back to doing deals is boring after 18 months. The politics bug bit me," he is reported to have said.

The president's son reportedly did not talk about when he would potentially run. A Trump source said Donald Jr. "has no intentions of running for political office at this time ... [He] is totally focused on running the Trump Organization with his brother."

Donald Jr. and Eric Trump took over the Trump Organization when their father became president.

At a Republican fundraiser in March, Donald Jr. also talked about the effect that the campaign had on him.

"I thought I was out of politics after Election Day and I [would] get back to my regular life and my family, but I couldn't," he said.

Donald Jr., an avid hunter, has come under scrutiny for a photo showing him holding an elephant's tail, as well as a Twitter post where he posed with a dead leopard.

Donald Jr. also sparked controversy with comments about a variety of issues, according to CNN, including the 2012 shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. On the day the shooting occurred, Donald Jr. appeared on radio show "Opie and Anthony," and joked after soundbytes of the victims were played that he still gave the film, "The Dark Knight Rises," "two thumbs up."

In another exchange on "Opie and Anthony," Donald Jr. mocked child beauty pageant contestants from the TLC reality show "Toddlers and Tiaras," joking that the children were abused, and saying of the mothers at the beauty pageants that "they're all fat. Ugly."

Current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been a vocal critic of the president, saying that his temporary travel ban on immigrants from a number of Muslim-majority countries did not represent America to him, according to The Daily Beast.

"[T]his is New York, this is the Statue of Liberty," Cuomo said. "We open our arms to people all across the country ... it’s what makes us special ... [the executive order instituting the ban] is the exact opposite of what I believe."

Cuomo is up for re-election in 2018, but has been floated as a potential Democratic presidential candidate in 2020.

Sources: Page Six, The Daily Beast, CNN / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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