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Donald Trump Calls For End To Gun-Free Zones At Schools, Military Bases (Video)

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he plans to get rid of gun-free zones at schools if elected to office (video below).

“You know what a gun-free zone is to a sicko? That’s bait,” Trump said Jan. 7 during a campaign rally in Vermont.

"I will get rid of gun-free zones on schools ... and on military bases," Trump continued. "My first day, it gets signed, OK? My first day. There's no more gun-free zones."

Trump has shown his strong support for Second Amendment rights throughout his candidacy. On his website, he does not refer to removing the ban on guns from schools, but he does mention military bases.

“Banning our military from carrying firearms on bases and at recruiting centers is ridiculous,” Trump’s statement on Second Amendment rights reads. “We train our military how to safely and responsibly use firearms, but our current policies leave them defenseless.”

Trump did not elaborate at the rally on what types of public schools, such as elementary, college, or all, the measure would apply to.

The Washington Post contacted Trump’s campaign manager and press secretary for clarification but did not receive a response.

Sources: CNN/YouTube,, The Washington Post / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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