Donald Trump: 'I Don't Know' If Obama Was Born In The U.S.


In an interview with CNN, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said that although he’s no longer interested in proposing conspiracy theories about President Obama’s birthplace, he can’t say for certain whether or not Obama was, in fact, born in the U.S.

“I don't know. I really don't know,” Trump said in response to Anderson Cooper’s question of whether or not he accepted that the president was born in the United States. 

Trump has an infamous history of questioning Obama’s birthplace — doing so long before the White House released his long-form birth certificate in 2011. 

“He came up with this thing, all of a sudden, miraculously,” Trump said. 

The release of the birth certificate was prompted by a significant number of conspiracy theorists claiming, prior to his first election, that he was born in Kenya and ultimately ineligible for the presidency. Trump told Cooper that during the 2008 presidential race, opponents in both parties often questioned Obama's birthplace.

“Do you know that Hillary Clinton was a 'birther'? She wanted those records and fought like hell,” he said. “People forgot. Do you know that John McCain was a 'birther'? They couldn't get the records. Hillary failed. John McCain failed. Trump was able to get [Obama] to give something. I don't know what the hell it was.”

Sources: Business Insider, Politico

Photo Credit: thebraiser.com, Politico/CNN Screenshot


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